Boxlight Corporation, a provider of interactive technology solutions for the global education market has completed the acquisition of Modern Robotics, a science, technology, engineering and mathematics education company with programming and robotics solutions for the K12 education market.

Modern Robotics has developed MyBot, a K12 ecosystem and robotics program designed to helps students from pre-school to high school develop skills for programming and robotics. Through the software platform and robots, educators receive a solution, complete with a curriculum, STEM lessons, tutorials and videos.

Boxlight chief executive Mark Elliott said: “We’re excited to expand our offerings in the red-hot field of STEM and robotics learning. MyBot was conceived and developed to fulfil a need in robotics and coding in the classroom. By bringing these cutting-edge teaching tools to educators, we help them engage today’s students in meaningful learning experiences that will create graduates who are workplace-ready in emerging STEM fields including software, robotics and technology.”

Over the next 12 months, Boxlight says it will produce more than $2 million in robotics and programming revenue, with gross profit margins greater than 50%.

Modern Robotics’ chief executive Stephen Barker, who becomes vice-president, STEM education, has more than 30 years’ experience in robotics and technology innovation. He said: “We developed these robotics and coding tools to fulfil a need in education – to create more meaningful, hands-on learning opportunities in STEM for both teachers and students, and to make coding and robotics cool and not complex.

“Now with Boxlight, we can take these products to the next level and distribute them on a global scale. We’ll engage a whole new generation of students with our products, which in the end will go a long way in helping prepare students for a myriad of STEM careers and the general workforce of the future.”

Boxlight is based in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Modern Robotics is headquartered in Miami, Floida.