Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is set to become the first NHS Trust to use TytoCare.

TytoCare is a modular device and telehealth platform that carries out remote examinations and diagnoses for young patients with acute and worsening chronic conditions, preventing unnecessary admissions to hospitals.

The project will be spearheaded by the Trust’s Ambulatory Care Experience (ACE) team.

Having secured US Food and Drug Administration clearance in 2016, the TytoCare device is being used by health systems, telehealth companies, large private practices and employers across the US and Israel.

Cindy Fedell, the trust’s chief digital and information officer, said: “This partnership between TytoCare and ACE brings together two healthcare leaders. This ‘digital-first’ approach to care, where we put health in the hands and homes of patients, is a lynchpin of the NHS’s long-term telehealth plan.”