The Conservatives has vowed to embark on an “ambitious programme of domestic reform” that delivers on funding for the NHS and reforms social care.

In the Queen’s speech yesterday the party pledged a multi-year funding settlement for the NHS that will be enshrined into law.

The new government affirmed that steps will be taken to grow and support the NHS workforce, one step being the introduction of new visas to ensure qualified doctors, nurses and medical professionals from overseas can continue to work for the NHS and related services.

The Conservatives also proposed a cross-party consensus that will ensure long-term reform of social care. The party further promised to ensure that the social care system provides everyone with the “dignity and security they deserve and that no one that needs care has to sell their home to pay for it”.

In addition, the new government said it will reform the Mental Health Act.

The speech faced severe criticism from Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn who said: “As this government ploughs ahead with its programme of gimmicks and false promises, we will be holding them to account every step of the way and campaigning inside and outside government and across this country for the real change that this government sadly will not deliver.”