BlueKit Medical is increasing its supplies of personal protection equipment (PPE) to the NHS with support from a Lloyds Bank funding package.

The funding package will allow BlueKit Medical to increase the demand for equipment including face masks, gowns and gloves.

The funding is also being used to ensure that the equipment can be delivered faster. 

The products, which are normally shipped, are being flown in to speed up their availability to frontline staff.

Based in Croydon, BlueKit Medical was founded in 2012 to provide medical equipment to public and private healthcare operators and has been a Lloyds Bank customer since then.

Rebecca Porter, managing director at BlueKit Medical, said: “With demand for medical supplies available to the NHS at record levels, it followed that we’d have to increase the quantity of products we’re shipping from abroad. The flexibility and advice offered to us from Lloyds Bank, as well as the speed and efficiency across their teams to increase our funding at short notice, means that we’re able to support frontline NHS staff when it’s most needed.”

Mark Burgess-Clements, business banking manager at Lloyds Bank, commented: “These are unprecedented times and support is needed for businesses and organisations across public and private sectors.

He added: “When BlueKit Medical got in touch to ask for support to help fund extra supplies for use by frontline NHS staff, we knew time was of the essence. We’d spoken to the customer and agreed to provide it with the capability to place a large order within two hours – testament to our commitment to being by the side of businesses at this time.”