A leading care operator has hit out at the Scottish government for failing to pass on financial aid to struggling care homes.

Robert Kilgour, owner of Renaissance Care, said: “To my knowledge, only Fife and Dumfries & Galloway Councils are so far providing any added financial support to the independent care homes in their area.

"Why are no other Scottish local authorities helping care homes out financially at this very difficult time? Many English local authorities are providing extra financial support to care homes in their areas, funded by extra UK Government monies they have received.

Renaissance Care has 700 residents in its 15 care homes, 70% of whom are local authority clients.

Kilgour said the fault lies with the SNP administration. “The Scottish Government has received extra monies from the UK Government under the Barnett Formula – why have they not passed more money on to Scottish local authorities to enable them to offer more support to care homes in their area?The Scottish social care sector has 35,000 beds and employs 50,000 staff – what happens to our NHS if it collapses?"